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Calligraphy demonstration and workshop

Offer your clients a unique experience as an introduction for your conference or fair. Dressed in a traditional japanese kimono I will perform calligraphy in a japanese setting. Discover how art is being created out of nothing the japanese way.

Japanese tea-tasting


Drinking tea the japanese way is much more than just pouring lukewarm water into a regular cup. Different social occasions require different type of tea and you will discover that there is much more to it than just the flavor. Let´s try tea-drinking the japanese way.

Calligraphy courses


Group sessions

Take the opportunity to learn and practice the art of japanese calligraphy at your own  pace and time. Sessions will be offered every second week after regular work-hours and last approximately four hours during which you may come and leave as you like. The sessions contain both instructions and workshop.

Private sessions

Why not indulge yourself or give away a private calligraphy-session as a birthday gift. A diploma and a frame for your work is also included.

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