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About me

I was born in the city of Osaka in Japan. In autumn of 1995 I moved to Stockholm. Already as a child I was training calligraphy with a distinguished master of japanese calligraphy. Shisen Bota is his name. In the year of 2001 I had the privilige of guest-researching at the Institute of Technology in Beijing, China. In addition I held an exhibition at the faculty. I am very proud and at the same time deeply honoured to have been accepted as a member at the society of japanese calligraphy, Tenshinkai. I believe that due to my long training I have learned to combine modern art with the traditional technique of calligraphy.


I have been trying to unlock the the secret of japanese calligraphy for more than 35 years and I haven´t still figured it all out and that at the same time, is the very beauty of it. Writing calligraphy is like waching an organism move. It never takes the same exact route twice because it can´t and the same thing can be said about calligraphy.

Learning the technique is important but the work will never be truly completed without the right spirit.

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